Fright Night Candle


5 oz. (151g) Soy Blend Candle 

There's a new neighbor on the block, and he's looking sketchy. Moving coffins into his house. Teeth looking a little sharp. Your girlfriend loves his dance moves, and he's started some bad habits in your best friend. Light this candle and keep that weird neighbor far away. Or at least set the mood while watching one of your favorite horror movies.

- Creepy Nights - Vampire Hunting - Not Twilight - 

Notes: Cedar, Citrus Zest, Tea Petals, Pine, Charred Wood, Tonka Bean, Shaved Rosewood, White Thyme, Roasted Marshmallow, Vetiver Root, and Black Amber Resin.

Burn Time: 25-35 Hours

Room Size: Small - Medium (Bathroom, Laundry Room, Bedroom)


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