Wizard in the Wood Candle


It's said that there's a wizard who lives in this enchanted forest, channeling the magic to fuel his own desires...

Scent: This magical and fruity fragrance starts with fruity notes of red berries, succulent tangerine, and citrusy bergamot.  The aroma unfolds leading to effervescent notes of champagne, cyclamen, violet leaves sitting on a warm base of gentle cashmere, amber, and musk.

Hand poured 5oz (151g) soy blend candle in a reusable 8oz mason jar has 25-35 hour burn time. 

Hand poured 12oz (340g) soy blend candle in a reusable 16oz mason jar has 65-80 hour burn time. 

Perfect for small to medium-sized rooms including bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry rooms.


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